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1 Select your study program and University or College Our experts advise you on the job prospects for various professions and trades. This will ensure that your education matches your personal desires and the projected job market. This is known as "Demandable Occupations"
2 Application to selected University or College We help you to get the maximum credits for your past education. We will advise you on tuition and all other costs. We will also help you to understand the cost of living in the selected city.
3 Get all documents ready to send to the University or College CES specialists will help you to assemble the documents into a complete package so that everything is accomplished at one time.
4 Obtain student visa. Our visa consultant will help you in all aspects of the visa application.
5 Settlement Assistance Our local agents will arrange airport pick-up, settling into the community, establishing connections within the community.
6 Obtain work permit and apply for Permanent Residency Our local immigration consultants will help you through the process of applying for Permanent Residence status.

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