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Ms. Dharshika Muthuthevar's started a second career and successfully completed Industrial and Bio-Pharma Tech at NAIPT.

Ms. Dharshika Muthuthevar's

Success story of Anand Shah who had gone to Pures College in June 2015 for ERP Logistics Management Diploma.

Mr. Anand Shah

We love to see Success

Success story of Philip Jackson who has been able to attain second career. He has started his program in September of 2017.

Mr. Philip Jackson

Success story of Mukeshkumar Zala who has used OSAP to attend Medix college in November 2016 for the PSW program.

Mr. Mukeshkumar Zala

We are here to Help

Success story of Atif Abdulla a student that was eligible for second career and has started the gas technician program at Stanford college in August of 2017.

Mr. Atif Abdulla

Brintha Rajkumar is one of the CES volunteers that have been helping at CES with student applications and several other administrative tasks as well.

Ms. Brintha Rajkumar

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Success story of Payal Amin who has been able to attain second career.

Ms. Payal Amin

A TRIOS College graduate working as intern at CES.

Mr. Shehzad Tariq

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